Author Donna Orr Stevenson

Retired Teacher – Missionary – Author

Author Donna Orr Stevenson

Author Donna Orr Stevenson was born on May 10, 1949, to Cliant Edwin and Dorothy Ray Orr in Atlanta, Texas. Shortly after she was born, her parents moved to Dallas, Texas, for job opportunities. Donna was raised in the Pleasant Grove area, where she attended William M. Anderson. They lived in Mesquite, Texas, and she attended Frank B. Agnew Junior High during her junior high years. She graduated number eight in her class from H. Grady High School in 1967 and was a member of the Sundancers Drill Team, the National Honor Society, and was treasurer of the Student Council.

Donna discovered her love for writing when she was a senior in high school in her speech class. She had always loved reading and spent summer days visiting historical times. She was enthralled by the fictional characters who traveled the world and enjoyed the invariable, “and they lived happily ever after” library offerings.  As her teacher assigned writing assignments destined to be speeches before the class, she loved exploring subjects and developing her own conclusions. While she knows that is not the usual response to speech classes, it became an obsession she has continually followed throughout her life.

More About Author Donna Orr Stevenson

She met her future husband, Robert (Chuck) Stevenson, just months after moving to Atlanta, Texas, and they were happily married only three months later.  It was the Vietnam era, and six months later, her husband joined the Air Force as his draft number was quickly approaching. They spent six years in the Air Force before Robert was discharged and moved back to the Atlanta, Texas, area. Shortly after that, they moved to Arlington, Texas, to attend Arlington Baptist College and enter the pastoral ministry. Donna and her husband have since pastored several churches in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana and spent eight years in Romania as missionaries.

Their ministry has provided ample opportunities to use her writing for children’s programs, lessons, puppet skits, and articles, and providing insights about living in a third-world country only four years after communism had failed. The Bible captivated Donna’s heart many years ago, and she continues to teach Bible studies and study the unfathomable riches it provides as we explore the pages of God’s truth.

Donna has three wonderful children, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, with another one on the way. Also, she was a public school teacher and later a principal at a Christian school in Alexandria, Louisiana, until she retired in 2012. Later she wrote a book named “Pebbles Of Truth