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About The Author

Donna Orr Stevenson

Author Donna Orr Stevenson was born in Atlanta, Texas, and graduated from H. Grady Spruce High School. She was a public school teacher and later a principal at a Christian school in Alexandria, Louisiana, until she retired in 2012. She has served the ministry for 46 years with her husband. They have since pastored several churches in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana and spent eight years in Romania as missionaries. She was also a member of the Sundancers Drill Team and the National Honor Society and was treasurer of the Student Council.

She discovered her love for writing when she was a senior in high school in her speech class. It became an obsession that Donna has continually followed throughout her life.

Recently, Author Donna Orr Stevenson published her first book, “Pebbles of Truth.” This book is a compilation of Biblical truths gathered through ministry and spiced by the experiences of living in a communist country where freedom was only a dream.

author donna stevenson
By Author Donna Orr Stevenson

Pebbles Of Truth

Pebbles of Truth explores practical truths gleaned from the wilderness journey of the Israelites, insights into living a life of unwavering faith as prescribed by the very God of Creation, anecdotes of life in Romania through real-life adventures, various insights into the lives and times of Bible characters to apply to our own lives and times and even includes loss and grief from a heart that understands. Hopefully, it encapsulates a life-long journey experience with real-life situations that can encourage, comfort, instruct, and challenge anyone who questions: “Who’s in charge?” “How do you know?” or “What’s in it for me?”